Transform Your Living Space with Our Extension Builders in Adelaide

Are you looking for an extension builder in Adelaide you can rely on to provide an exceptional building experience? Our house designs are practical and appealing, with a sophisticated and refined style. We infuse modern living with luxurious touches you’ll adore and a budget you’d never expect. We have various designs to meet your family’s needs, whether you’re looking to construct for the first time or wish to expand your family’s living space. We can help extend your;

  • Kitchens
  • Living Area
  • Lounge Room
  • Outdoor Area
  • Bedrooms
  • Laundries

We provide complete turn-key solutions to your housing challenges. We allow our clients to work jointly with external design professionals, architects and technicians. We will take your home improvement aspirations and turn them into a reality. We aspire to deliver quality extensions since we are licensed and qualified.

Benefits of Choosing Our Extension Builders in Adelaide

We are a team of professional extension builders in Adelaide. Our designers and builders will let you discover the hidden potential in your living space that you never knew existed. We guarantee that we will leave you happy and inspired by the results. We provide extensions as a flexible solution that lets you stay in the exact same location while meeting your evolving requirements. This could be because you want a place to host visitors or to open up and expand an existing space for your family.

Extension ideas, such as creating an office or a home gym, may help increase the productivity of people working from home. Our job is to advise you on the best extension strategy to stay in your current house and have a functional living space. House extensions can make your space larger and more noticeable. The addition will also increase your home’s value. The more appealing the design and appearance, the more valuable your home becomes.

Why Choose Chris Whittaker Constructions as Your Extension Builders in Adelaide?

Our in-house team of architects and extension builders in Adelaide work together to bring your ideas to reality and manage the flow between each construction step. As experienced project managers, we are well-versed in the best practices for minimising delays and interruptions. We understand that this is likely the most significant decision you will ever make. So, we highly value developing long-term relationships with you and giving you as much say in the process as possible.

Chris Whittaker Constructions’ end-to-end design and construction process ensures you get the best outcomes possible. We are confident in our team’s ability to handle every aspect of your project, from conception to completion.

We arrange meetings to understand your requirements so that we can provide you with the most acceptable options for your surroundings and family situation. Our team value your input above all else. When you tell us what you want to accomplish, we take it very seriously, and we love nothing more than bringing your idea to life.

Contact our extension builders in Adelaide for a detailed discussion about our workflow.