Quality Construction and House Additions in Adelaide

Are you considering a house addition in Adelaide? Thanks to our knowledgeable and friendly team, we’re confident that we can provide you with the additional room you require. As a reputable building company specialising in Adelaide house additions and expansions, we are well-versed in the challenges and logistics of doing such a job. The primary distinction between a new building and an addition is that the homeowner can stay in the house while it is being built.

We’ve proven to clients repeatedly that we’re capable of constructing extensions to existing homes of the highest quality that blend seamlessly with the existing structure. In addition, to maximise the property’s value when marketed, we exclusively use high-quality materials that complement the existing structure. We’re here to make your house a better place by providing high-quality construction, innovative energy-saving design, and reasonable pricing. Regarding house additions in Adelaide, we’ve established a reputation for excellence and prominence across the country.

Stress-Free House Additions in Adelaide

Regarding house additions in Adelaide, Chris Whittaker Constructions has the experience and expertise to do the job. We provide expert advice and answers to any construction issues you may be facing. To make the most of your property’s available space, we offer a variety of ground and second-floor additions that prioritise both function and aesthetics.

Building projects can be stressful and complicated, but our builders will take the time necessary to focus on you and your design so you don’t have to. They’ll put in endless hours from the start of the project till it’s completed to produce top-notch outcomes. But don’t worry; with us, the entire process will go as smoothly as possible because we work with a staff with years of experience. We can deliver the most significant possible material and completion to each of our extensions thanks to a network of trustworthy contractors and suppliers of high-quality labour and products.

Get Affordable House Additions in Adelaide

We focus on house additions in Adelaide that incorporate functional zoning, low-energy rules, and excellent customer care to ensure minimal interruption to your daily routine. It all starts with a conversation between you and the Building Designer. Next, we’ll be able to stay within your budget by working closely on the project’s design and documentation. Next, preliminary designs are provided, which ensures that you are involved and informed at each stage of the process. Finally, due to our extensive knowledge, we can provide you with a budget-friendly estimate.

We know how critical it is for our clients to be in touch with us at every step. To keep your remodelling on track, we offer set pricing quotes upfront as part of our step-by-step procedure. If you’re on a tight budget, focus on the necessities rather than the luxuries. You may wish to start a list of things you’d like to do to your house in the future.

We only employ licensed and qualified professionals to ensure that your house addition in Adelaide is completed to the highest Australian standards with a high-quality finish.