The Finest Heritage Restoration in Adelaide

At Chris Whittaker Constructions, we offer Adelaide’s leading heritage restoration services. Heritage homes are common in most of Europe, where houses dating back centuries ago have been renovated to look and function as new. If you own a heritage house that dates back many years, it’s time to think about restoring it.

Restoring a house means that it will require repairs and some quick adapting to carry it through the years for generations to come. To utilise the house commercially, you must choose Adelaide’s most outstanding restoration team. Chris Whittaker Constructions is the best choice for you. The company was established in 1995 in Adelaide, South Australia. We are a locally-owned family business with a portfolio of working on different projects. We offer the best repairs and restoration for your heritage property.

Why Should We be the First Choice for Heritage Restoration in Adelaide?

The reason for choosing Chris Whittaker Constructions is the first question that comes to people’s minds when considering heritage restoration in Adelaide. There are multiple reasons for choosing us, including the fact that we have experience working on similar projects and bringing them to life while maintaining the property’s charm.

Another reason is that the team at Chris Whittaker Constructions is trained, qualified and experienced to handle any project and successfully lead it to execution. We prioritise your needs when working on your project. Our attention to detail, blend of design techniques, the required technical skills, and exceptional customer service help us bring your dreams to life. At Chris Whittaker Constructions, we believe in delivering quality work to get your desired result. We also offer a more seamless process compared to other companies.

Seamless Process for Heritage Restoration in Adelaide

Besides being the leading heritage restoration providers in Adelaide, there are multiple services that Chris Whittaker Constructions provides. These services include building new homes, lift shafts, and commercial design & construction, among others. We have a seamless process to help us work with clients. It is a seven-step process where we focus on listening to you and your recommendations. We then table our ideas and adapt to the one that aligns with the project objectives.

Our team also handles your paperwork to ensure you get the necessary approvals to begin your dream project. You’re most likely relieved that you don’t have to go through the process yourself, since we prioritise your requirements and complete the project to the highest standard. Visit our office, send an email, or call us to get answers to your queries before getting started on your project.

Are you ready to get your heritage restoration in Adelaide started? Please call our experts at Chris Whittaker Constructions.