Award Winning House Renovation Company in Adelaide

At Chris Whittaker Constructions, we are experienced builders who provide house renovation services to our clients in Adelaide, including those requiring NDIS-approved features. As professional builders in the industry, we are proud to play our part in helping and supporting those with disabilities. Over the years, we have been helping families in Adelaide and ensuring that their newly renovated homes meet their requirements. We have a strong background in design, architecture, and building.

Chris, our director, has been in the construction industry for over 44 years. There are, therefore, no renovation services our team cannot offer. Our experience and relationship with clients have helped us understand that some clients are experienced in the process while plenty of others aren’t. For this reason, we put a strong emphasis on individual needs. We are fully registered under the Master Builders Association, a membership we have maintained for the past 25 years.

Customised House Renovation Services in Adelaide

Since our inception in 1995, we have been a trusted and go-to builder for clients requiring house renovation services in Adelaide. We have skilled builders with many years of experience working with different kinds of clients and requirements. You can rely on us if you currently live in a house that requires modification to ensure safety and access. Are you renovating according to the best practices of the NDIS because you cannot reasonably access and use some rooms and spaces? Or is your house having significant adverse impacts on the sustainability of the current living and care arrangements? We are experienced in helping you.

An occupational therapist can also visit your home and recommend renovations tailored to your specific needs. In such cases, you need to contact us for further consultation. With the help of fully qualified professionals, we will provide your house with high-quality renovations, helping you meet the requirements. We will design stunning plans for your renovations and start work as soon as you are satisfied.

Contact Our House Renovation (NDIS) Experts for a Seamless Process in Adelaide

As professional house renovation (NDIS) builders in Adelaide, we are ready to offer you first-rate services that will significantly improve your home. We offer high-quality services and an incredible customer experience. We understand that a home is a unique place that should be built with the utmost care and attention to detail.

When you engage us, we will take care of the whole process. From concept design to approval and execution of the project, we will walk with you every step of the way. All your needs will be met, and work will be delivered strictly to all Australian construction standards and regulations. We’re client-centric and guarantee quality outcomes every time.

Contact our team today for an experienced and fully qualified team for further consultation regarding your Adelaide house renovation services.