Lift Shafts

Chris Whittaker Constructions specialises in the installation of residential, industrial or commercial lift systems, using state-of-the-art technologies and materials to aid in the design and build phase. Our sleek design finishes are attributed to our attention to detail and dedication to improving shaft constructs, ultimately transforming our lifts from foundational components to architectural design features. Whether we are installing a new lift shaft or upgrading an existing lift, the installation process is meticulous and needs to be executed by experts in the trade.

Our licensed builders are contracted to ensure the implementation of a safe and compliant installation process free from error. Our lifts are designed to provide accessibility to multi-storey complexes, enhancing functionality and improving convenience to its patrons. This simplistic mode of travel can be installed in apartment complexes, commercial buildings, shopping centres and multi-storey homes and follow a seamless construction and installation process. Our team will dedicate time to understand the space to which the lift will be installed to ensure maximum function, all whilst offering versatility in speed, design and style.

We can build a quality life shaft for your building